Consider us your personal GENIES granting your budget travel wishes.


Sure, we may not be an animated Disney cartoon or have the voice of Robin Williams (#rip), but the good news is that you get way more than three wishes with us! We’re on a mission to spread happiness and help people live out their travel dreams. How? By finding people cheap airfare and flight deals which will allow them to travel more often.

We’re here to help take the trip you’ve been dreaming about, or simply travel somewhere that you never thought you’d be able to. 

Hele Lele (which means “go flying” in Hawaiian), is an email subscription service that sends you cheap flight deals, straight to your inbox! You can sign up for FREE here. 

We’re Cole and Kiley Hayden–the creators of Hele Lele

We, the Hayden’s, met in Central Oregon in 2013 where we fell in love. The next spring we were married, and have been inseparable ever since. We have used our airfare expertise to get cheap flights to many different places together like Spain, Hawaii, Mexico, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, the Netherlands, the Caribbean, and more!

We started Hele Lele because we have always been passionate about traveling and wanted to share our cheap-flight-finding skills with others. We want to help people turn their travel dreams into a reality. We aim to create a global community of travelers that are able to experience more of the world. 

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